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Tuesday, 8 December 2015


The State government demand that the new Kangaroo Flat pool be 50 m long has paid off, with the Federal Government finally agreeing to contribute funds, Bendigo West MP Maree Edwards said today.

"It's time to build it. Let's just get on with it," Ms Edwards declared.

The Andrews government made it a condition of its $15 million contribution to the Council project that the pool be 50 m long.

"It was a complete game changer," she said.

The Federal Government had previously rejected funds for a 25 meter pool.

"The Federal Government could see that the community supported the state government's policy.  They decided to support us and we welcome their contribution."

“The ratepayers of Bendigo will not be slugged with the additional cost now that the Federal Government has committed to the project.”

Ms Edward said many people were disappointed to see the old leisure centre knocked over.

“The best tribute we can pay to the people who wanted the building to stay on this site is to put the new pool building there as soon as possible."

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