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Thursday, 25 June 2015


Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards, today announced that 4 local Bendigo schools had successfully received funding under a new grants program that will measure and strengthen student resilience.

Ms Edwards said the approach will include the use of a specialist survey and is based on compelling international research and evidence linking strong resilience to improved academic outcomes.

The schools attaining this funding in Bendigo are California Gully Primary School, Camp Hill Primary School, Lockwood Primary School and Specimen Hill Primary School.

Based on the findings of each survey, schools will be supported in the development of evidence-based approaches to help build student resilience and wellbeing.

Tailored professional learning opportunities will also be available to teaching staff.

Schools were selected for funding based on their capacity to deliver a whole-of-school approach to student and staff wellbeing, the level of need among their student population and their ability to support ongoing and sustainable improvements beyond the life of the grant program.

Support will be provided to schools to help measure the effectiveness of their strategies and interventions in a year’s time.

Ms Edwards today congratulated all of these schools on taking the initiative to help build more inclusive and supportive learning environments.

A complete list of successful schools can be found at:

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