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Thursday, 17 July 2014


Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards said today she had referred a proposal by Homesglen TAFE to remove the Chewton Pines to the Minister for the Environment.

Ms Edwards said it was a great solution to have the pine trees used for the Holmesglen Institute chainsaw course and would resolve the issue of the pine plantation in the middle of Chewton that has been of community concern for many years.

The pine plantation has been considered a fire risk to the community of Chewton for a long time.

It's value to the community is limited and pine trees are now designated as a pest vegetation.

The Homesglen proposal would see the pine trees felled at the base and removed.

While the stumps would remain they would eventually rot allowing for the planting of preferred native trees.

Ms Edwards said it was now up the the Minister for the Environment and the Liberal Government to give the OK to the proposal.

"I urge the Liberal Government and the Minister to give very serious consideration to this proposal as a solution to the pine plantation in the centre of Chewton"

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