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Monday, 11 November 2013


Ambulances unable to transfer patients to Bendigo Hospital has increased significantly since the Coalition took office in 2010, which is part of a state-wide trend where ramping has held up more ambulances for longer than ever before.

 Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards said FOI documents obtained by Labor show that ambulances were ramped outside Bendigo Hospital for 3,491 hours during the 12 months to June 2013, which is an increase of 551 hours since 2010.

“These documents prove what doctors, nurses and paramedics have been saying for a long time now – that our health system has never been as bad as it is now,” Ms Edwards said.

“In an emergency like car accident or a heart attack, every minute counts, but at our hospital ambulances are being forced to wait an extra 46 hours each month, because the emergency department can’t cope.”

“This is just one of a series of issues facing the ambulance service in Victoria. It is clearly going to place more pressure on the system as ambulances are tied up, off the road and not able to respond to other call outs."

“It is creating a dangerous set of circumstances where delays could be deadly, which has already claimed several lives across the state this year.”

Ms Edwards said almost every hospital across the state recording an increase in ramping, with ambulances waiting, on average over 73,000 hours longer in last financial year than in 2010.

“The very first thing Mr Napthine needs to do is stop bragging about this health system and admit there is a crisis. You will never fix a problem until you can admit that there is one," Ms Edwards said.

“Mr Napthine has clearly lost control of our hospitals and his only plan is to shift the deck chairs and place even more pressure on an overcrowded Emergency Department - this is no plan to stop the crisis from worsening.”

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