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Wednesday, 30 October 2013


The Golden Square CFA will have to fund its own storage facility for the vitally needed new Field Operations Vehicle, Member for Bendigo West Maree Edwards detailed in Parliament today.

 “Despite a commitment in 2010 for a new fire station, Golden Square is still waiting for their new station and now poor planning means that a new truck will not fit in the current station.”

 “The Liberal National State Government’s budget cuts to the CFA are now impacting on our local brigades as CFA command has refused to even fund alternative housing for the vehicle, such as a shed, let alone the much needed new station.

  “A CFA replacement vehicle, a Field Operation Vehicle, previously known as a Mobile

Communications Vehicle (MCV), is expected to be delivered in the coming months however; the current Golden Square CFA building is not large enough to house the new vehicle.”

 “The Field Operation Vehicle is used to assist communications and incident management at large and/or protracted incidents. They are equipped with extensive radio communications equipment, and also have computers, faxes, photocopiers and whiteboards that are useful tools for incident management.”

 “Golden Square CFA is the specialist unit that operates these vehicles.”

 Last Saturday, the Golden Square CFA was one of the many not-for-profit groups to participate in the Garage Sale Trail held in Bendigo and raised a magnificent $2000 thanks to a great response from the community.”

 “Golden Square CFA, as a last resort, will have to raise $20,000 for a new shed to house their new vehicle.”

 “As if our hard working CFA volunteers didn’t have enough to do now they have to fundraise for their own facilities.”

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