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Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Bendigo Labor MPs, Jacinta Allan and Maree Edwards, are concerned that the seven month delay to the start of construction of Bendigo’s new hospital will mean that it will not be finished by 2016.

“The Napthine Government has badly handled every stage of Bendigo’s new hospital. The tender process was plagued with delays. Without pressure from the local community forcing the Napthine Government to buckle, we were faced with the prospect of Bendigo not getting the best option on the table from Lend Lease.”

“Even the Federal Court has found the Liberal National Party guilty of trying to sabotage the best project from Lend Lease,” Ms Edwards said.

“Construction of Bendigo’s new hospital is now running seven months late. Construction was to have started in December last year. It is now July, and still there are no construction works on site,” Ms Allan said.

“Hospital sources I understand have confirmed that the only activity underway is some soil testing and that construction has not started yet,” Ms Allan said.

“This is not good enough. When contracts were belatedly signed over a month ago we were told that work was to start immediately. This has not happened,” Ms Allan said.

“The new hospital is now seven months behind schedule. This puts the new hospital at great risk of not being completed by 2016,” Ms Edwards said.

“No doubt the Napthine Government will take its standard course and attack me for raising concerns about the lengthy delays with the start of Bendigo’s new hospital. I will not stop working to put pressure on the Napthine Government to do the right thing by Bendigo. I was proud to be there at the start of the new hospital project, and I will push it until the end,” Ms Allan said.

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