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Thursday, 29 November 2012


Failure to complete upgrade works on the fire tower at One Tee Hill by the Liberal National Government before the start of the bushfire season means the tower will remain unmanned as we head into the hottest day for the season, Labor’s State Members Maree Edwards and Jacinta Allan said today.

Ms Allan who is also Shadow Minister for Bushfire response said the failure of the Government to complete the works by the start of the fire season posed an unacceptable risk to the Bendigo community.

Ms Edwards said it was typical of the Liberal National government to not meet their own targets for completion of projects.

“The fire tower at One Tree Hill is an important location as the fire spotter has a view of the Southern and Northern areas of Bendigo – to not have it completed and unmanned during peak fire danger periods such as today is unacceptable”, Ms Edwards said.

Ms Allan said the Liberal National Government’s cuts to jobs at Parks Victoria were putting a strain on the organisation and this was evident in the fire tower at One Tree Hill not being finished on time.

“The fire tower is missing a platform and has a ladder to nowhere”, Ms Edwards said.

“It would be an unacceptable health and safety risk to put a fire spotter on the top level (proposal is to use a cherry picker) without a way to safely get down, and without proper safety barriers”.

Ms Allan said on top of the delays with the Elvis Aircrane being ready this was just another example of the Liberal National government’s failure to fully prepare for the fire season.

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