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Monday, 19 November 2012


A petition on behalf of the Coliban Rural Water Users Group containing 81 signatures was tabled by the Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards in parliament last week.

The petition was instigated by the Rural Water Users in the Coliban catchment who are concerned about the operations and pricing structure for rural water use in the Coliban system.

The petition calls on the State Government to review the system operations and overall pricing structure in the Coliban system and bring it in line with a fairer user pays system.

“The petition also calls for a compensation package for rural water users who want to relinquish their water entitlements –rather than just handing it back to Coliban, and the development of a lease back arrangement with Coliban for those who wish to retain their licences”.

“The petitioners have also called for the establishment of an open trading system, the unbundling of Coliban rural water to allow trading with other Water Authorities and an upgrade and maintenance of the channel system to provide consistent water deliveries to Coliban rural water users”.

“I will also be forwarding a copy of the petition to the Minister for Water, Peter Walsh so that he is aware of the existence of the petition and so that he can address the concerns and the requests made on the petition”.

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