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Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards in Parliament today, called on the Baillieu Ryan Government to find funding to assist Lawn Bowls clubs in purchasing essential potential lifesaving equipment.

 “Lawn bowls in Central Victoria has a large following with the Bendigo division alone attracting 1500 men and women in pennant and around 400 in club events.”

 “The average age of these bowlers is around 70 and, tragically, recent medical emergencies at club events have reinforced the need for defibrillators that could have saved lives.”

 “Many of the Clubs in the Bendigo Bowls Division are a long distance from the nearest medical help and from a hospital, such as Dingee, Calivil and Bridgewater and the provision of a defibrillator would provide a greater survival rate to a bowler who has collapsed with a heart attack,” Ms Edwards said.

 “Of the 23 clubs in the Bendigo Bowls Division only 6 have managed to obtain a defibrillator. This was achieved through fundraising and assistance from other organisations – however this is time consuming and a huge burden for older members of these clubs.”

 “So far the only response from the Baillieu Ryan Government is to tell the Bendigo Bowls Division to apply for a state or local Government grant but there are several local Government areas that the Bendigo Bowls division covers and the huge amount of sporting and community groups competing for the same limited grants make the job appear at times to be an insurmountable task.”

  “Given the age of lawn bowlers in these clubs is much higher than other sports I urge the Minister to consider this request urgently as the funding of the defibrillators to these clubs will potentially save lives.”

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