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Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Big cats across Victoria have been given a reprieve after the Liberal National government declared their non-existence today, Member for Bendigo West Maree Edwards said today.

“Sadly the National Party members have been obsessed with finding and destroying a big black cat. Following this ludicrous experiment at taxpayers’ expense, maybe there now should be a study done into the relevance of the National Party in regional Victoria. However, this would also be a waste of money as we already know they are irrelevant”.

“Clearly they got this one terribly wrong and after only a couple of weeks and basing their results on past evidence, they declare the hunt is over”.

“This is not surprising given the backlash against the National Party in regional areas, where their big cat hunt was declared a farce and they had become the laughing stock of many communities”.

“What is really tragic is that the National Party has used taxpayer’s money to prioritise their big cat hunt while at the same time slashing millions from education, health and now the Country Fire Authority’.

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